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Love, Grief, Heaven, Loss, Sister, Mother,
Comfort, Death, Afterlife, Spirit

Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks - REVIEWS

5 Star Reviews



~Beautiful, insightful, genuine, hard to put down. Her story and emotions are easy to relate too, especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one. This book keeps hope alive.


~A wonderful book that I recommend to anyone grieving a loved one!! I have shared this book with others. Very powerful book!


~Angela Dawn's powerful and vivid book provided me with a steady bridge of hope and understanding into a very sensitive subject.
I found comfort and peace after reading Love Never Dies: From Heaven my Sister Speaks, which has helped me to navigate my own path. A must read!


~I could not put this book down. If you have ever lost someone and missed them so much it hurt you need to get this book. Angela takes you on her intimate journey in this beautifully written book. Losing a loved one will change your life forever. But through Angela's words it gave me great comfort and a new perspective on healing.


~This is a lovely book that is very comforting during troubling times. Angela has guided the reader through her grief with the questions answered by her spiritual guides. The love of her Mother and sister is evident in her quest to embrace all that has occurred. Love Never Dies is an appropriate title and I wish her much more love to come.


~What a touching and wonderful book to help those how have lost a loved one and are seeking comfort! Angela writes from her heart and you really get to know her beloved mother and sister through this story. Angela's tribute to her mother and sister is proof that love never dies......